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Ever since I was a child I loved to draw and paint. Whenever I painted pictures of the blue sky or of flying birds and the houses over which they flew, I always had a sense of wonderment, of excitement and happiness. However, when I grew up, I began to feel troubled because I realized I was unlikely to paint as well as the great painters of the past, even though I had learned so much from them. Yet, as I matured, I came to understand the feelings I expressed in my painting /illustrations and how my art reflected my emotions. I came to learn that there is value and beauty in my feelings and emotions, in just being myself as an artist and illustrator. Today, I strive to find the best method of communicating with nature and people, solving visual problems I have and telling the stories with my brush.

As long as I continue to be moved by the boundless sky, by the ever changing clouds, the lonesome boat docked at the riverbank and people around me, I will be inspired to keep on making art.

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