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Biography for Carlos Aón
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Selection of Clients
  • Augsburg Fortess Publishing
  • Capstone Publishing
  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
  • Learning A-Z
  • McGraw Hill Wright Group
  • Missionday Publishing
  • Mondo Publishing
  • Nelson Education
  • Pearson Education
Selection of Awards

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As a kid I allways wanted to be an inventor and illustrator. Both passions merged into one career in some way. I think that hard work, patience and responsibility can get you the work of your dreams. I like to draw everything, mostly faces and scenery and I also enjoy very much planning and looking for new technical challenges. I have fun looking for new challenges and techniques. Sometimes I enjoy adding little details to give life to an illustration (perhaps a new color pallette or creating different tweaks without loosing my identity as an illustrator).

I'm an electronic technician and a graphic and web designer, of course these things (strangely) merge with my style (along with dreams, my reading and even the videogames I play).

Everyday I work at the studio, with my partners.


For original written works by Carlos available for review, please contact us.

View artist's personal website: www.estudiohaus.com.ar

Published Books

Aliens and Energy
by Agnieszka Biskup (Author), Carlos Aón (Illustrator) Capstone Press Graphic Library
Purchase this book HERE
Frankenstein's Monster and Scientific Methods
by Christopher L. Harbo (Author), Carlos Aón (Illustrator) Capstone Press
Purchase this book HERE
Ivan the Fool
by Leo Tolstoy (Author) retold by Stephanie Alexander Thacker, Carlos Aon (Illustrator) Compass Publishing
Legend of the Bermuda Triangle
Thomas Kingsley Troupe (Author), Carlos Aon (Illustrator) Picture Window Books
Purchase this book HERE
The Lonely Existence of Asteroids and Comets
Written by Mark Weakland, Illustrated by Carlos Aon Capstone Press Graphic Library
Purchase this book HERE
The Magic of Maxwell and his Tail
by Maureen Stolar Kanefield (author), Carlos Aon (illustrator) Magic Tale Press, Inc.
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