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Biography for Gervasio Benítez
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Selection of Clients
  • Harcourt School Publishing
  • MacMillan McGraw Hill
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I used to be a psychologist, but after driving many people crazy I decided a change of career. This is the best job in the world and I enjoy doing it very much in the studio along with my colleagues and in my little studio set in the terrace at home. My cat, called Fortune, keeps me company there(she's allways trying to eat Hugo, my fish. Someday she'll succeed). I like animals and I enjoy drawing them very much but also machines and historic scenes (but I hate drawing parrots).

As a kid I used to read Quino's Mafalda and I never stopped. I started my studies in 1993, my teacher was Horacio Lalia, a well-known comic artist in Argentina and Italy. after studying four years with him, I founded an independent label called La Productora (along with many colleagues and friends). We put out 16 (own) books in the market and our material was published in Spain, USA, France, and Brazil. Today, my comic book author career goes along with my work as an illustrator.


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Published Books

Vampires and Light
by Jody Jensen Shaffer (Author); Gervasio Benitez (Illustrator) Capstone Press
Purchase this book HERE
Zombies and Forces and Motion
by Mark Weakland (Author), Gervasio Benitez (Illustrator) Capstone Press Graphic Library
Purchase this book HERE

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