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Biography for Olivier Daumas
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When I was a child, my favorite book was an old book which belonged to my father, titled "monsieur le vent et madame la pluie".


I always liked to draw. When I was young, I invented my own stories and I made drawings to accompany these stories. After studying graphic arts, I worked in an advertising agency, but it wasnt really my way.  I was not free. I didn't always want to work with just a computer. I needed to touch materials (painting, canvas, paper etc &)


I  decide to live on creating and selling my own art, three year ago, after a big project came in for my art.

I live with my wife in Verfeuil France, where I like to draw funny animals, kid faces with visible teeth and big eyes, funny pigs playing drums in marching bands, and a diving cow with a flower bathing cap. My ideas come to me from everywhere in life and every word makes me think of a picture.



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View artist's personal website: www.olivierdaumas.com/

Published Books

Dis bonjour à la petite souris (French Edition)
Olivier Daumas (Author and Illustrator) Scarabéa
Purchase this book HERE
La Belle au Pou Dormant
Olivier Daumas (Illustrator)
L'Alphabet des Zozos
Olivier Daumas (Illustrator)
  Les chiffres des zozos (French Edition)
Olivier Daumas(Author / Illustrator)
Purchase this book HERE

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