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Biography for Johanna Hantel
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Selection of Clients
  • Piggy Toes Press
  • Scholastic Children's Press
  • Upstart Books
Selection of Awards
  • Chicago Book Clinic 2007 Award Winner
    Best in Show & Children's Specialty

I read, and I draw too! Outside of the illustration world, I work in a technical field for an orthopedic medical device company (think signing your friend's cast). Aside from the practical research, I have always been an artist, focusing on whimsical illustrations painted traditionally by hand using ink and watercolor. I graduated from Penn State University as a fanatic college football fan with an intense interest in track and field, particularly when it pertains to distance running. I am an experienced marathon runner with many marathons under my belt. Running allows me to think, and I often come up with ideas for my illustrations while I put those miles behind me. I also volunteer as a running coach for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's endurance training program.I have lived in many places, but my home at present is just west of Philadelphia in Malvern, Pennsylvania. It is here, on the couch of my living room that I create my illustrations with the help of my cat, Franklin, who whispers the ideas in my ear and somehow ends up in, and on many of my drawings!

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Published Books

I Am Sick
by Patricia Jensen (Author), Johanna Hantel (Illustrator) Scholastic Children's Press
Purchase this book HERE
I Hate Reading: How to Get Through 20 Minutes of Reading a Day Without Really Reading
by Arthur Bacon (Author), Henry Bacon (Author), Johanna Hantel (Illustrator) Upstart Books
Purchase this book HERE
Just Like Me
by Barbara J. Neasi (Author), Johanna Hantel (Illustrator) Scholastic Children's Press
Purchase this book HERE
Princess Polly and the Pea
by Laurie Young (Author), Johanna Hantel (Illustrator) Piggy Toes Press
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