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Biography for Rick Ewigleben
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Selection of Clients
  • Chicago's Navy Pier
  • First Time Books
  • Paradise Press Inc.
  • Publications International Ltd.
  • Really Good Stuff®
Selection of Awards
  • "The Wizard of Oz" Prints Available ONLINE
    Collectable art prints inspired by the 1939 motion picture classic, "The Wizard of OZ", introducing an image honoring the Munchkins as their star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame was unveiled
    The Southern California Motion Picture Council proudly present Rick Ewigleben, The Golden Halo Award of Artistic Excellence Honoring Outstanding Achievement for Film Illustrations OCTOBER 18, 2010

For the purposes of this narrative our story begins in the summer of 1998. I had left a very successful marketing career to pursue my life long ambition to&do what?! I took some acting classes. Acting was something I had always wanted to try ever since I had a part with three lines in that play in high school. I felt fairly certain the world was just waiting for me to unearth the thespian in me. I was soon to realize that the only thing standing between me and my first Oscar was debilitating stage fright. That, and a woeful lack of dramatic talent.

Meanwhile, I had been pitching ideas and illustrations to an online greeting card company and actually selling a few when I had a tip that there was an art rep out there who was always on the lookout for fresh talent. When I called Christine Wilkinson for the first time I had to confess I really didn't have a portfolio. She said, "I don't care if you show me doodles on a cocktail napkin, I'll know if you have what it takes". True story.

Turns out Chris coincidentally had a job opening in her new office and it would be a great opportunity for someone to learn the ropes from the inside out. Chance of a lifetime, right? I turned it down. Here I was,circling the drain financially, with virtually no prospects and I TURNED HERDOWN! I quickly came to my senses. As soon as I returned home from our meeting I frantically phoned Chris and pleaded temporary insanity. Of course, I would take the job! I learned a great deal during the few short years I spent working with Chris, not the least of which was that achieving any measure of success as an illustrator takes an awful lot of hard work.

The rest, as they say, is history. I owe my career, in large part, to Christine Wilkinson, Lisa O'Hara, and the staffers and clients and fellow artists I have encountered by having been associated with Wilkinson Studios. And Chris didn't pay me one dime to say that. I have also enjoyed the advocacy of friends and family who, while they may have thought I was crazy, never let it show.

In my spare time over the past several years, I have created a series of images inspired by the classic film, "The Wizard of Oz" and have traveled to "Oz" festivals across the country (you'd be amazed how many of them there really are). I've even become pals with the little guy who played the Lollipop Kid in the movie. My mom thinks I'm famous. But that's another story.

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Published Books

"Personalized" Happy Birthday Book
by Chad Kase (Author), Rick Ewigleben (Illustrator)
Purchase this book HERE
"Personalized" Zoo Adventure Book
by Chad Kase (Author), Rick Ewigleben (Illustrator)
  A Visit to Frannie's Farm
by Rick Ewigleben and Todd Bates (Author / Illustrator)
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A Visit to Fred's Fire Station
by Rick Ewigleben and Todd Bates (Author / Illustrator) Paradise Press Inc.
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  A Visit to Pete's Post Office
by Rick Ewigleben and Todd Bates (Author, Illustrator) Paradise Press Inc.
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A Visit to Sarah's Schoolhouse
by Rick Ewigleben and Todd Bates (Author, Illustrator) Paradise Press Inc.
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Really Good Readers Theater Series
Rick Ewigleben (Illustrator) Really Good Stuff®
Purchase this book HERE
Warm and Fuzzy
by Kristin Cashore (Author), Rick Ewigleben (Illustrator) Pearson Scott Foresman

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