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Growing up in Asheville, North Carolina, then Decatur, Georgia, I was always encouraged and surrounded by my mothers artwork. One way she opened my eyes to the art of seeing was to draw a cartoon profile of a face with all the ins and outs it has, curves and shapes. I remember that as a turning point in my young life, and faces were never oval, simple or uninteresting again. We also always had a table set aside for crafts, and working creatively with our hands and imaginations was the norm for me and my brother and sister.


We invented games, created books, drew hundreds of pictures and made so many wonderfully crude Christmas ornaments that our family tree was and is completely unique. Alongside our tree were three advent calendars, all handmade by my mom. Opening those secret doors each morning to view simple, elegant cartoons was one of many enticements into the realms of the mysterious and magical. Today I re-create those worlds of fun and fantasy with my 4-year-old daughter, Madeleine.


Although I have always been interested in the other worlds of fantasy and imagination, this dynamic has also fueled my interest in history, the other worlds that have passed before us right under our feet that require scientific and imaginative powers to recapture authentically. I have been especially interested in North American history, particularly the colonial and revolutionary periods of our national story, but also in the histories and stories, real and imaginary, of Spain and Latin America, having traveled to both often and having lived in La Paz, Bolivia, at 12,000 feet for a half a year. I have designed backdrops for theater and have often provided the artwork for friends performances of flamenco music and dance in Boston and New Mexico where I lived for many years.


I speak some Spanish and have provided cartoons for many language textbooks. I especially enjoy working with stories, historical or otherwise, that involve character development and drama. I also have a great interest in classic American and European comics and graphic novels and enjoy blackline and pen and ink styles of illustration.


Recently my wife and daughter and I moved to a beautiful little town in the mountains of Virginia. Charlottesville is like a New England town in the South and art is everywhere. Whether Madeleine chooses to follow an artistic life course or not, she will surely be surrounded with creativity all through her childhood.

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Published Books

Adventures In Matunaland
by Guy Wakemore (Author), Tim Jones (Illustrator) Pearson Scott Foresman
Doaks Of Montana
by Monty Ward (Author), Tim Jones (Author) Pearson Scott Foresman
Duke and Dolly's Adventure
by Geoffrey Upward (Author), Tim C. Jones (Illustrator)
Purchase this book HERE
Julia's New Home
by Rena Korb (Author), Tim Jones (Illustrator) Pearson Scott Foresman
Markie the Moonman
by Gretchin McBride (Author), Tim Jones (Illustrator) Pearson Scott Foresman
Tucker's Gold
by L.L. Owens(Author), Tim Jones (Illustrator) Rigby- A Harcourt Achievement Imprint

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