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Selection of Awards
  • Society of International Librarians Honor Book
    for "The Only One Club" by Jane Naliboff (Flashlight Press)

For me, art is about sharing stories and connecting to people. I havewanted to be an artist for as long as I can remember and have alwaysloved sharing my drawings with others.

I studied illustration and animation at the Rhode Island School ofDesign, graduating with a BFA. In the past 10 years I have been ateaching artist for museums such as the Guggenheim, WhitneyMuseum and the Museum of Modern Art. I've also taught at TuftsUniversity and New York University. During that time, I became moreand more interested in the ways in which young children learnthrough visual language, particularly visual arts, animation, and newmedia. To understand more about children and learning, I completedmy Masters in Education at Harvard University in 2005.

From my home base in Brooklyn, New York, I continue to share myart through my work as an illustrator, educator, and storyteller. I loveto keep kids smiling by creating humorous pictures for books andanimated films, and performing my drawing/storytelling programPictures Come to Life. I tell stories for children and families by quicklysketching, narrating, and acting out characters. movements andsounds on wall-sized sheets of mural paper, creating large-scaleimages that transform and develop over the course of the story. Myperformances incorporate humor, history, and folklore, with subjectsranging from Greek mythology and Impressionist painting to baseballand tall tales of the Wild West.

Although 90% of my brain is devoted to art, I must admit that the other 10% is dedicated to the memorization of obscure baseballstatistics. Zero percent of my brain is dedicated to keeping mydrawing studio clean. Go Red Sox!

View artist's personal website: www.picturescometolife.com

Published Books

A Play for All
by Meish Goldish (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) Rigby- A Harcourt Achieve Imprint
A Rainy Day
by David Bauer (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) Rigby- A Harcourt Imprint
  Jack and Jill
by Frances Solomon (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) McGraw Hill Wright Group
Loni's Town
by Ann Rossi (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) Pearson Scott Foresman
Moon Kids
by Mary F. Blehl (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) Pearson Scott Foresman
Susan's Missing Painting
by Lana Rios (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) Pearson Scott Foresman
The Only One Club
by Jane Naliboff (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) Flashlight Press
Purchase this book HERE
Where is Hoppy?
by Misha Herenger (Author), Jeff Hopkins (Illustrator) Rigby-A Harcourt Achieve Imprint

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